Hildon Ltd - Waste Management

Hildon Ltd - Waste Management

Hildon Ltd provides bottled natural mineral water, from beneath the chalk hills of the Hampshire countryside in South England, to quality wholesalers, restaurants, hotels and homes. Hildon’s quality and good environmental practices have always been an integral part of their commitment to provide a first class product from a first class company. Waste management has always been an integral part of Hildon’s Environmental Management System and Hildon regularly challenge their processes and procedures to search for new ways to reduce, reuse or recycle their waste. Hildon currently reduce, reuse or recycle over 90% of their waste.

GEP Environmental is proud to be recognised as one of Hildon’s environmental partners and we have been supporting Hildon for a number of years with their Environmental Management System, legal compliance updates, internal auditing and training.

Hildon has comprehensive waste management processes and segregation facilities onsite and Hildon clearly consider the lifecycle of its products when seeking opportunities to reduce, reuse or recycle waste. This lifecycle consideration has provided many benefits to Hildon and their suppliers such as, reducing overall waste (and associated costs), extending the lifetime use of resource and repurposing resources for secondary purposes.

For examples, Hildon’s unique glass bottles are delivered with protective cardboard inserts which are now remodelled for use on outgoing shipments therefore reducing waste created and reducing raw materials needed for packaging. Waste management is considered throughout all business operations and not just at the Hildon site. For example, Hildon have added AdBlue to their lorries to reduce harmful emissions as they travel to and from sites.

GEP Environmental are regularly appointed to help clients ensure their continued compliance with waste legislation, provide technical advice on waste segregation, undertake waste audits and provide strategic support on waste management and minimisation action plans.

GEP Environmental is pleased to be associated with an environmental responsible business such as Hildon and we look forward to working with Hildon on future projects.

For more information on Hildon’s environmental performance, see: http://www.hildon.com/our-environment/

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“Hildon has comprehensive waste management processes and some of the best waste segregation facilities that we have come across. It is clear that Hildon considers waste across all business operations and has identified numerous opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste and improve their environmental performance”

Pete Schofield, Environment Manager, GEP Environmental

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