Why is it important to have an Environmental Legal Register?

7th October 2016

An Environmental Legal Register not only identifies new pieces of legislation but it helps you to interpret how each piece of new and existing legislation is relevant to your business. It is used to demonstrate and ensure compliance with environmental legislation and is a key part of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems.

How can GEP Environmental help you?

GEP Environmental can create and/or update Environmental Legal Registers for your organisation ensuring all compliance requirements are highlighted.

Our consultants will develop an understanding of your business and describe how each piece of legislation applies to you, inputting all relevant Acts, Directives, Orders, Regulations and guidance documents into a clear and user friendly document, which can be used to help you ensure your continued compliance.

Once you have an Environmental Legal Register in place you can receive updates on a six monthly basis highlighting all changes to new and existing legislation that may impact your business.

Environmental Legislation and Brexit…

There are significant links between UK and EU legislation, therefore Brexit is likely to have a wide variety of implications for the future of UK environmental legislation – the most significant being experienced at the moment is uncertainty.

There are a number of concerns amongst businesses as to the potential cost and amount of disruption to business operations as a result of the UK triggering Article 50. It is important that the UK does not see its environmental ambitions and responsibilities diminished after it leaves the EU.

With ongoing changes to UK legislation, and the future uncertainty of changes caused by Brexit, it is more important than ever that your organization is kept up to date with legislative changes. Having our consultants analyse environmental legislation on your behalf will make understanding and complying with these changes easier to achieve.

If you would like GEP Environmental to create or update your Environmental Legal Register, please contact us now using the link at the bottom of this page.

Author: Grace Sparey

Environmental Consultant

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