Carbon Footprinting and Reporting: Frequently Asked Questions

Carbon Footprinting and Reporting: Frequently Asked Questions

28th November 2023

The GEP Environmental team is delighted to announce the launch of our Carbon Footprinting and Reporting course! Built on lessons learned from our former Carbon Management course, this training enables learners of all levels to measure and manage their carbon footprint effectively, and report those results to stakeholders. What should you know about this course?

How is this course different from the Carbon Management Course?

The Carbon Footprinting and Reporting course incorporates everything we know and love about the Carbon Management course, but spends more time on the things that delegates ask questions about – detailed Carbon Footprinting, Scope 3 Emissions, and more. We’ve also made some adjustments surrounding the course flow – we’ve shortened the amount of time spent setting the scene for the climate crisis, and lengthened the time spent physically calculating a carbon footprint.

Is Scope 3 covered in this course?

Yes – the course provides a comprehensive overview of the definition of Scope 3, and the most common challenges associated with calculating and managing this type of emission and how to mitigate them. The Carbon Footprint exercise also covers some of the most common areas for businesses when it comes to Scope 3 emissions.

What is the module breakdown of the course?

The course has six modules, including:

  • Introduction and background
  • Drivers for carbon footprinting and reporting
  • Carbon quantification standards and schemes
  • Principles and techniques of carbon footprinting and reporting
  • Communicating carbon data
  • Reducing emissions and Net Zero

How does this course fit with the other courses GEP offers?

The Carbon Footprinting and Reporting course is appropriate for any individual who wishes to expand their knowledge about measuring and managing carbon. For businesses that wish to really harness and make the most of this knowledge, we’d recommend booking on to our Pathways to Net Zero Course following your time on the Carbon Footprinting and Reporting course.

The Pathways Course is perfect for delegates wishing to take their sustainability efforts to the next level. In just two days, you’ll gain the strategic and operational knowledge needed to create a Net Zero Strategy that can be applied to any industry or role. Our expert trainers will guide you through all the carbon management essentials, including the ins and outs of a carbon reduction plan and identifying and calculating upstream and downstream Scope 3 Emissions.

For organisations that wish to take a more personalised approach to their carbon management strategy, our team of environmental consultants would be delighted to help. Get in touch today.

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