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GEP Environmental now Certified to Deliver TM-44 Audits

11th December 2023

At GEP Environmental, we’re passionate about providing high-quality workplace learning opportunities to support motivated and talented professionals take the next step in their career. We’re delighted to announce that Energy Engineer Joe Mountford has just achieved the TM44 inspection accreditation.

A TM44 inspection is a comprehensive assessment of a building’s air conditioning system. The assessment considers how the air conditioning system is being used, maintained, and kept in good condition, and the report provides detailed recommendations to approve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and overhead costs. It can only be carried out by a registered assessor.

For many organisations, the TM44 assessment is an important step on their sustainability journey – allowing them to make important changes to their cooling systems, a considerable carbon emitter.

We spoke to Joe about his time at GEP, the TM44 assessment and the projects he’s most excited to work on next below.

Tell me a bit about your career – how long have you been part of GEP Environmental?

I’ve been involved in GEP since graduating from university. Renewables have always been an interest – I started my career installing solar panels – but when I achieved my electrician qualification, my focus became EPCs and design. While working on larger design projects – things like heat loss calculations, solar photovoltaic modelling – I saw the TM44 Qualification, and I thought it was an interesting opportunity to expand my knowledge. I’m passionate about helping organisations go as far as they can sustainability-wise, so it seemed like the perfect next step.

TM44 inspection accreditation – what kinds of projects will this allow you to undertake?

A TM44 inspection is a legal requirement for all buildings that have a combined cooling output of 12kW or more. It is important for all premises meeting these criteria to undertake a TM44 inspection – noncompliant business owners will receive a fine. TM44 inspections are required to take place every five years in commercial buildings. The course was fascinating to attend, and I learned about new technologies that will maximise and synergise the efficiencies you see throughout daily life.

How will this qualification help drive sustainability?

The TM44 survey allows clients to save energy and money on their cooling needs, so it’s driving sustainability at the source. All the recommendations in the report are also focussed on saving energy, too, so it’s a full-service sustainability option.

What qualification do you have your eye on next?

One of my favourite parts of working at GEP is how much we’re encouraged to upskill in the areas we are interested in. I have a Display Energy Certificate Course coming up, which I’m very excited to attend, but I’m looking forward to working on more heat pump qualifications and projects. Heat pumps are just becoming more and more popular because they’re so efficient – for example, a new gas boiler’s efficiency is around 90%, but a heat pump has an efficiency of 400% - so there will be plenty of opportunities for organisations to install this kind of technology in the coming years, and I want to be ready to fill that need.

TM44 Inspections and GEP Environmental

The GEP Environmental team is delighted to offer TM44 inspections to organisations throughout the UK. The inspection will include a detailed overview of system use, management, and maintenance, as well as a recommendations report with details about improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and overhead costs. The report will include the following:

  • Faults found during the inspection, and suggested improvements
  • An inspection of the installed control
  • Control settings improvements
  • Installed systems in the context of cooling load and improvement suggestions
  • A recommendations report
  • Air handling equipment inspection
  • Inspection of any aspects of the building that will impact heating and cooling management

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