Why Choose the Carbon Footprinting and Reporting Course?

Why Choose the Carbon Footprinting and Reporting Course?

2nd May 2024

The Carbon Footprinting and Reporting Course is one of the most popular courses at the GEP Training Centre – combining climate context with technical knowledge, it arms attendees with the skills they need to effectively report on their own organisation’s carbon reduction activities.

But don’t just take our word for it – we’ve asked our former delegates why they’d choose the Carbon Footprinting and Reporting Course, and how it benefitted them.

Why should you choose the Carbon Footprinting and Reporting Course?

It demystifies the decarbonisation process.

“I think the slides were exceptional and gave a good amount of info without making me feel overloaded. The exercises were also good, especially the table where we map the Carbon Footprint was very good and a bit of a challenge which I got a lot out of it.” - Carbon Footprinting and Reporting Delegate

What does it actually mean to calculate your organisation’s Carbon Footprint? The Carbon Footprinting and Reporting course focuses on the tangible side of things – giving delegates real-life examples, and the opportunity to test their skills in real time with our activities. These activities (and the technical expertise that sits behind them) are the reason that our training courses are so highly rated.

It’s a fantastic way to learn about environmental issues, and how your business can mitigate them.

“I will always recommend [this course] to people who want to learn about climate change and GHG emissions measurement and reporting.” - Carbon Footprinting and Reporting Delegate

While the course does focus on the practical side of carbon footprint calculation, that doesn’t mean that it ignores the drivers of climate change. Now more than ever before, employees are looking to their employers for guidance to achieve their sustainability goals, and there are few things more compelling that context. Environmental training is the perfect way to give employees at every level the information required to attack the climate crisis head-on.

It builds on current knowledge, offering confidence and further insight.

“Really great course, I am pretty much self-taught so it was good to see that what I have been doing is correct but also to plug the gaps in my knowledge and be able to ask questions. This has given me more confidence so thank you.” - Carbon Footprinting and Reporting Delegate

The sustainability sector is constantly changing. Our courses offer fantastic opportunities to broaden insight and knowledge. As they’re taught by certified environmental consultant trainers, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Even better, we offer a free 30-minute consultation to all delegates who choose to book a place on our courses, allowing you to ask questions and get real clarification on what you’re trying to achieve when it comes to sustainability.

In addition to these benefits, delegates on our Carbon Footprinting and Reporting course receive:

  • A certificate from IEMA upon passing the course exam
  • A free 30-minute post course consultation with an environmental consultant

Have more questions, or ready to book? Training Coordinator Beth Kelly would be delighted to speak with you. Get in touch with her at training@gepenv.co.uk, or contact the rest of our team today.

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