Greater London Authority – Local Energy Framework

Greater London Authority – Local Energy Framework

The GEP Environmental team is delighted to be appointed to the Greater London Authority Local Energy Framework, a national programme supporting the design and development of sustainable power generation capability and transmission networks across the UK.


Organisations throughout the UK that meet the following criteria are eligible:

  • Public sector organisations
  • Educational establishments
  • Housing associations
  • Private sector organisations (where they are obliged to use a compliant procedure, such as for the LEA programme)

Core Consultancy Services

The GEP Environmental team is available to work on Project Management (Lot 3) activities, to support the key low/zero carbon decentralised energy projects this Framework will support include, but are not limited to:

  • Low/zero carbon decentralised heating/cooling supply and networks
  • Renewable, distributed electricity generation and networks
  • Hybrid low/zero carbon energy supply and networks (i.e. heating/cooling and electricity)
  • Transport electrification (Vehicle to Grid, smart charging and linked to a wider decentralised energy network)
  • Energy storage (heat/power)
  • Demand side response
  • Project scale: building level, any size of DE networks

The services provided under Lot 3: Project Management Support aim to deliver project management expertise in the low/zero carbon decentralised energy network sector. Such support is required for organisations who wish to progress low/zero carbon, decentralised energy schemes to installation but do not have the required project management capacity or capability in-house. This project management support may need to be provided throughout all stages of a DE project, i.e. from pre-feasibility up to and including construction and commissioning or just for one stage of a project. Additional services available include:

  • Project planning and development, including use of Gantt charts and other project planning tools
  • Leading the day-to-day project management of low/zero carbon DE projects in the UK, including responsibility for meeting budgets and timescales of DE projects - for all stages from feasibility to installation and commissioning
  • Use of project management tools throughout all stages of low/zero carbon DE projects, including risk registers, budget tracking spreadsheets, scheduling tools etc.
  • Managing contractors and consultants to design, construct, commission and complete projects to the point of heat and/or power delivery to end users, ensuring adherence to all design and construction standards
  • Governance, communication and reporting progress to clients
  • Understanding and knowledge of the technical aspects of low/zero carbon DE projects
  • High level strategic, financial, commercial and legal support to aid decision making


The framework covers the entirety of the UK.


This framework gives easy access to our specialist project management team. As well as being efficient and easy to use, this framework prioritises social value benefits – focusing on job creation, air quality and economic development. At GEP Environmental, we are passionate about viewing sustainability as a holistic exercise, and would be pleased to assist any organisation in curious about achieving their sustainability goals – get in touch today.


The GLA Local Energy Framework works in conjunction with the Local Energy Accelerator programme, providing expertise and support to organisations to develop clean and locally generated energy projects.

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