Hull Business Energy Efficiency Scheme: Free Decarbonisation Funding for SMEs

Hull Business Energy Efficiency Scheme: Free Decarbonisation Funding for SMEs

We're delighted to partner with the Hull City Council, Northern Powerhouse and European Regional Development Fund to deliver the Hull Business Energy Efficiency Scheme, offering free support to businesses to reduce their carbon emissions and energy costs.

The Hull Business Energy Efficiency Scheme (HBEES) aims to help small businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 750 tonnes per year – and to decrease business costs in tandem.

This free grant funding is available to eligible small businesses for a range of decarbonisation activities and specialist advice support.

As energy prices and global temperatures rise, there has never been a better time to take control of your small business’ carbon emissions. By participating in the program, your organisation will be able to identify high emission sources and determine mechanisms to reduce them - improving the environment and your business’ bottom line in tandem.

How can GEP Environmental help your organisation through HBEES?

As the approved specialist advice support organisation, the GEP Environmental team can provide the following activities:

  • Carbon Footprint Calculation: with this calculation, we’ll assess your organisation’s energy use and identify areas of greatest emissions.
  • Energy Policy Assistance: following the emissions assessment, it’s time to assess behaviour. Behaviour is one of the most significant indicators of carbon emission reductions, and in most cases, businesses will need to create and implement an energy policy. Our team of environmental experts will help you assess the data and create an energy policy.
  • Energy Management Gap Analysis: our experts specialise in ISO50001 Energy Management Systems and can carry out an assessment to identify areas for improvement in alignment with this international standard.
  • Energy Risk and Opportunity Register: this register looks at an organisation’s decarbonisation strategy holistically – identifying risks and potential opportunities to reduce emissions production. Our team of experts is well-versed in helping small businesses achieve their sustainability goals.

Who is Eligible for HBEES?

To be eligible for the program, organisations must fulfil the following requirements:

  • The organisation must pay business rates to Hull City Council
  • The organisation must have fewer than 250 employees
  • Annual turnover must be less than £50m or a balance sheet of less than £43m
  • You agree to have an on-site energy assessment and report
  • Attend a minimum of one HBEES workshop and/or one networking event

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