Resource Efficient Wales

Resource Efficient Wales

A Welsh Government service providing people with a single point of contact for support on using resources (energy, materials and water) more efficiently. GEP Environmental are proud to be one of the Client Managers for Resource Efficient Wales, providing specialist advice on using energy, water and materials more efficiently, on generating renewable energy and on reducing waste.


The Welsh Government’s aim is to harness the energy generated in Wales to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits for the people of Wales, generating wealth and delivering jobs and investment.


We need to make sure that all our resources are used to deliver benefits for people in Wales, rather than contributing to landfill and costing money to dispose of them.


Using water wisely is essential if we are to manage our natural resources sustainably for the long term. Treating, storing and supplying water, and removing and treating waste water and sewage uses a great deal of energy and resources.

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