Scotland EXCEL – Energy Efficiency Contractors

Scotland EXCEL – Energy Efficiency Contractors

The GEP Environmental team is thrilled to announce our appointment to the Scotland Excel Energy Efficiency Contractors framework.

The Energy Efficiency Contractors Framework is designed to help council and housing associations reduce carbon emissions, combat fuel poverty and create warmer homes. The framework allows councils and housing associations to upgrade housing stock by sourcing from suppliers who have been thoroughly vetted through the tender process and are ready to do business.


All 33 Scottish Councils and over 100 associate members are eligible to procure from this framework, and open tenders, Direct Awards and Mini Competitions are all encouraged.

Core Consultancy Services

The Energy Efficiency Contractor Framework allows organisations to procure Professional Services (Lot 1) at every stage of their energy efficiency journey, including:

  • Sub-lot 1.1 Energy Efficiency Designer
  • Sub-lot 1.2 Energy Efficiency Coordinator
  • Sub-lot 1.3 Energy Efficiency Assessor
  • Sub-lot 1.4 Managing Agent

The GEP Environmental team has extensive experience delivering projects at every stage – from designing the measures to ensuring that they are installed successfully.


This framework covers Scotland.


The Scotland Excel Energy Efficiency Contractor matrix helps the public sector’s supply chain understand the training and qualifications required to show competency when delivering for Scotland’s energy efficiency and microgeneration sectors. In addition, the framework is efficient and easy to use – meaning your organisation can focus on the things that matter, rather than the procurement process.


Scotland Excel is the Centre of Procurement Expertise for Scotland’s local government sector. They are a leading non-profit organisation, serving Scotland’s 32 local authorities and over 100 associate members from across the public and third sectors.

GEP Environmental is committed to helping the public sector decarbonise through the Scotland Excel Energy Efficiency Contractors Framework.

For more information about procuring GEP Environmental’s services through Scotland Excel, get in touch today.

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