Airport Carbon Accreditation ACA

Airport Carbon Accreditation

Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) verification is a specialist service offered by GEP Environmental to independently verify Airport Council International Europe (ACI) members airports’ CO2 emissions. Launched in 2009 by Airports Council International the ACA Scheme is the only voluntary global carbon management standard for airports and encourages the adoption of recognised best practise for carbon management. The programme allows airports to focus on reducing their carbon emissions and ultimately become carbon neutral. Independent third-party verification of an airport’s carbon footprint and supporting management plans by an approved ACA Verifier (in accordance with ISO14064) is an essential requirement for accreditation.

Who does ACA affect and how does it work?

The ACA is relevant to all airports internationally (who are members of ACI), and since 2015 has expanded worldwide to cover all ACI regions. Its members range in size but all harbour the common goal of understanding, reviewing, and reducing the GHG emissions their operations create. The ACA currently has 314 accredited airports, accounting for 40% of global air passenger traffic.

Airports can participate at 4 progressively rigorous levels of accreditation:

  1. Mapping: To determine the annual current emissions sources and levels within the operational boundary of the airport. These figures must be verified by an independent third-party.
  2. Reduction: In addition to the above the airport must provide a carbon management procedure and show that set targets have been achieved.
  3. Optimisation: In addition to the above the scope of the carbon footprint is expanded to include emissions from third parties operating within the airport boundary
  4. Neutrality: In addition to the above the remaining emissions are offset to achieve carbon neutral operations for the airport (that they have control over).

How can GEP Environmental help you?

As a specialist consultancy firm GEP Environmental have trained consultants who are approved independent verifiers for ACA, please visit their website for further details regarding the accreditation. This enables GEP Environmental to independently verify the emissions figure through a 2-tier system when submitting details to ACA for accreditation. This process is undertaken annually and assists in progressing through the different levels of accreditation available for members. The key benefits include:

  • Independent verification following ISO14064 guidelines allows airports to know the assertations and calculations used when the emission levels are produced are accurate.
  • The annual nature of the accreditation provides a solid foundation for reducing emissions levels.
  • Assistance with emission lowering actions such as Energy Efficiency Audits.
  • Develop procedures to lower operational costs and risks.
  • Increase investment by showing organisations you are a socially responsible organisation.
  • Improve the image and reputation of the airport.
  • Work towards becoming a carbon neutral airport.

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