Climate Change and Net Zero Carbon for Public Sector

Climate Change and Net Zero Carbon for the Public Sector

Public Sector organisations across the UK are declaring Climate Emergencies and taking urgent action in their local areas to combat Climate Change and achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2050 or earlier. As public sector experts our aim is to provide a wide range of strategic and technical support to Public Sector organisations to enable them to achieve their Net Zero Carbon targets.

In 2019 the UK Government declared an ‘Environmental and Climate Emergency’ and set a legally binding target to achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2050. The UK Government has indicated that Public Sector organisations are ideally placed to have a significant role leading the way to a decarbonised economy and demonstrating leadership to their local communities.

Public Sector organisations across the UK have now set their own Net Zero Carbon targets with many aiming to achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2030. Public Sector organisations are now seeking to tackle Climate Change at the local level and have declared their own Climate Emergencies with the aim to build greener, cleaner, safer, fairer, healthier, and more resilient public services whilst securing a green recovery from COVID-19.

Net Zero Carbon Challenges for the Public Sector

The public sector needs to undertake a rapid programme of decarbonisation across its built environment, infrastructure, and transport systems whilst maintaining continuity of services to the public. It will be extremely challenging to deliver the GHG emissions reductions that are required to achieve Net Zero Carbon on a cost-effective basis in a short period of time.

How can GEP Environmental help the Public Sector?

GEP Environmental provides services in key climate response areas including:

  • Setting Net Zero Carbon Targets
  • GHG Emissions Scoping, Baseline and Monitoring
  • GHG Emissions Trajectory Modelling
  • Carbon Offsetting and Sequestration Strategy
  • Carbon Reduction Projects; including Project Identification and Project Management
  • Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme
  • Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund

Who are we working with?

GEP Environmental have been trusted public sector advisors for nearly 20 years and have worked with Central Government, Local Authorities, London Boroughs, NHS Trusts & NHS Health Boards, Higher & Further Education and Emergency Response Services across the UK.

Which Public Sector Frameworks can we be found on?

GEP Environmental are available via several public sector frameworks. If you need more information on accessing these frameworks, please contact us for more information.

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