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Environmental Legislation & Compliance

There is a wide variety of UK and European environmental legislation covering all aspects of environmental management, including: energy, waste, water, procurement, transport, building management, atmospheric emissions, chemicals, placing on the market and environmental permitting amongst others. Environmental legislation is applicable to a wide variety of business activities and can vary depending on the size of your business and the sector you operate in. Whether you operate in a simple office environment, light manufacturing or large industrial then there is environmental legislation that is applicable to your business. Understanding what applies to you is the first step towards ensuring that you remain compliant and will provide your customers with the confidence to trade. There are often a variety of financial, operational and reputational opportunities that can be achieved by proactively managing your compliance requirements.

Environmental Legal Register

The most effective way to identify and understand the environmental legislation relevant to your business is to develop and maintain a Legal Register that records the environmental legislation relevant to your business and outlines the controls your business has implemented to ensure continued compliance.

We can undertake an initial Environmental Review of your business, across multiples sites and countries if needed, and determine which environmental legislation is relevant to your business. We can then develop a Legal Register on your behalf which would outline the:

  • Legislation title
  • Legislation background (i.e. the purpose of the legislation)
  • Compliance requirements (i.e. what your business needs to do to be compliant)
  • Links to further information (i.e. guidance documents, reference sites)

We currently provide Legal Registers to customers in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland and can provide a Legal Register Update Service on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual frequency (depending on your compliance requirements).

Compliance Assessments

A compliance assessment is a one-off assessment of your compliance with environmental legislation. It is a useful method for determining compliance with new or recently modified items of legislation or if your business has undergone a significant change (e.g. a new product line, a change in process, acquired a new building).

Understanding environmental legislation can be difficult and it is often hard to determine whether your business is fulfilling its compliance obligations. If you have a compliance aspect that you are uncertain of and you would like verification, assurance or a one-off assessment, then we can provide a compliance assessment which will assess your compliance against the requirements of the legislation. A compliance assessment seeks not only to determine your compliance status but also to provide risk mitigation recommendations and highlight further opportunities for improvement.

A great example of this would be our CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme compliance assessment which assesses compliance, identifies risks and opportunities and also satisfies the statutory requirement for participants to self-verify that the Annual Report they must submit to the Regulator accurately reflects their CO2 emissions.

Compliance Audits

The most effective way of ensuring that your business remains compliant with all environmental legislation is to undertake routine compliance audits and it is recommended that your business establishes an audit programme to audit compliance systems, processes and records. Furthermore, it is highly recommended, and if you are ISO 14001, ISO 9001 or ISO 50001 certified, then it is mandatory, that you undertake first-party audits (i.e. internal audits) and you may also need to undertake second-party audits (i.e. audit a supplier) in order to ensure your continued compliance.

We currently work with a number of customers to establish, implement and maintain audit programmes and we regularly undertake first and second party audits on our customers’ behalf. We have a number of experienced auditors covering environment, quality and energy including: IEMA Certified Lead Environmental Auditors, IRCA Certified Lead Quality Auditors and EI Certified Lead Energy Assessors.

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