Environmental, Social and Governance ESG Strategy

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy

In today’s global arena, setting an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Strategy is seen as an important benchmark for how responsible organisations operate. A successful ESG strategy covers the three main pillars of sustainability: Environment; Social; and Governance. The purpose of an ESG Strategy is to demonstrate the environmental, social, and governance factors that your organisation believes to be intrinsically important to consider within your current and future business operations.

If you do not currently have an ESG strategy, GEP Environmental can help you to develop a bespoke strategy the reflects your sustainability vision. GEP Environmental has delivered ESG strategies to a broad range of public and private sector clients across a range of industries within the UK, offering technical advice and expert guidance on developing and embracing your ESG strategy.

What are the benefits of ESG?

Adopting a proactive ESG strategy that is aligned with your corporate objectives demonstrates to your consumers that sustainability, of all aspects, is important to your organisation. A gradual shift in focus from social, governmental, and consumer attention on the broader impact of organisations has led to an increased emphasis on the actions organisations are undertaking to deliver on sustainability, as well as a higher level of accountability for organisations to report to. A well-developed ESG strategy can provide you with a competitive advantage by meeting pre-tender and contractual requirements while highlighting a responsible approach to climate change, stakeholder wellbeing and governance requirements.

A strong ESG strategy also correlates with an increase in cost savings through improved process efficiencies to combat rising operating costs. Better business performance demonstrated through a strong ESG strategy also corresponds with a reduction in risk, through the development of stronger risk identification and management processes, enabling your organisation to drive informed and effective planning practices. An ESG strategy can also align your organisation with the requirements for ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, providing an opportunity to gain external validation from an independent body for the organisation.

With improved risk management processes in place, a strong ESG strategy can relieve the regulatory pressure on organisations, enabling organisations to plan for, and action, future legislative requirements. An effective ESG strategy will enable your organisation to develop a strong foundation for establishing compliant policies and procedures that meet mandatory reporting and legislative requirements. This foundation will make recording and submitting performance data for requirements (where applicable) such as annual reports, the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) easier to monitor and manage. This reduces the risk of adverse governmental actions, such as fines and penalties for non-compliance, and potential reputational damage.

How can we help you?

GEP Environmental can help your organisation with developing your ESG strategy, regardless of your current position and performance. GEP Environmental can provide the following services to build an ESG strategy that is cohesive with your wider strategic direction:

  • Supporting your organisation to develop an ESG Strategy tailored to your operations
  • Assessing your current ESG Strategy to identify areas for improvement
  • Establishing an ESG Strategy implementation plan to embed sustainability within your operations and workforce
  • Create long-term objectives to monitor and deliver improvements across your organisation
  • Identifying current and future risks to your organisation
  • Independently verify all data reported to stakeholders
  • Provide training to staff on the importance of ESG
  • Advice on implementing ISO Management Systems
  • Assistance with mandatory reporting requirements

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