Low Carbon Skills Fund Phase 4

Low Carbon Skills Fund Phase 4

The Public Sector Low Carbon Skills fund is designed to help public sector bodies boost their decarbonisation skills and take their first steps toward net zero carbon.The fund seeks to decarbonise the public sector by focusing on heating. One of the greatest barriers in meeting the UK’s 2050 Net Zero target is the way buildings are heated. Most of the buildings in the public sector are reliant on fossil fuel-based heating, and expert skills are required to identify and plan how these heating systems can be replaced, ideally at the end of their working lives.

What is the Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund Phase 4?

The Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund is designed to arm public sector bodies with the skills and the plans they need to reduce carbon emissions and costs from heating. A robust heat decarbonisation plan places organisations in good stead when it comes to achieving the next steps of decarbonisation. In addition, having the framework in place will help them apply for future grant funding or alternative funding sources for even more innovative decarbonisation measures.

The result? An organisation that’s agile, strategic, and better prepared for future decarbonisation opportunities.

Low Carbon Skills Fund Phase 4 - What has changed?

The Salix team has refined its LCSF Phase 4 offering following feedback from public sector organisations. These include grant value caps, funding for standalone detailed designs, and an earlier application window.

    The LCSF Phase 4 is offering three funding options, which we detail below. The GEP Environmental team of heat decarbonisation experts is well placed to help public sector organisations with designs for all three of the following:

    • Funding to develop or improve a heat decarbonisation plan incorporating any output outlined in the scheme criteria section
    • Develop standalone detailed design(s) from pre-existing heat decarbonisation plans
    • A combination of the above two options

    Grant value caps are being introduced and funding is divided across three grant value ranges, including an overall grant value cap of £1,000,000:

    • 34% of funding for projects up to £100,000
    • 38% of funding for projects between £100,001 - £500,000
    • 28% of funding for projects between £500,001 - £1,000,000

    The LCSF Phase 4 application window has been adjusted to prioritise delivery in the context of a later phase in the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme.

    How can GEP Environmental help you?

    The GEP Environmental team will assist your organisation by developing a heat decarbonisation plan for you, in line with the Salix Finance application requirements. We’ve supported many businesses through Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Low Carbon Skills Fund, and are perfectly placed to help public sector organisations navigate the ins and outs of the Low Carbon Skills Fund Phase 4 application process. For more information about ways GEP Environmental can help, and to get started with your application, contact us today.

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