Welsh Public Sector Carbon Reporting Guidelines

Welsh Public Sector Carbon Reporting Guidelines

Following the announcement of the Welsh Government’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality within the Welsh public sector by 2030, GEP Environmental is currently successfully supporting Welsh Public Sector Organisations on their net zero carbon journey. We have extensive practical experience in assisting organisations to understand and then implement new carbon reporting requirements; published through the Welsh Public Sector Net Zero Reporting Guide and Net zero carbon status by 2030: A route map for decarbonisation across the Welsh public sector.

The Requirements

Welsh Public Sector Net Zero Carbon Reporting guidelines replaces the Carbon Reduction Commitment Scheme, which public sector organisations would have previously reported into. The guidance aims to develop a universal set of instructions for Welsh Public Bodies to help them achieve carbon neutral status. Specific reporting requirements include:

  • Carbon Baseline – to understand current organisational emissions across a consistently drawn boundary (i.e., financial/calendar year);
  • Identifying Mitigation Potential – Assess and identify emissions sources enabling actions to be prioritised for lowering emissions;
  • Monitoring Progress – to ensure improved performance and lowered emissions meaning organisations are on track to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.
  • The guidance also sets out specifically what GHG emissions data is to be reported, how to define the reporting scope and organisational boundary, as well as highlighting recommended best practice. A Net Zero Carbon Reporting Spreadsheet is also available that shows how best to calculate and report these requirements.

    Aims of the Guidelines

    To fulfil their commitment the Welsh Government will need public sector bodies in Wales to undertake the following actions:

    • Achieve net zero carbon emissions through actions to reduce emissions and increase the removal of carbon from the atmosphere;
    • Understand the priorities, costs, stakeholders, and wider impacts of actions;
    • Improve understanding of opportunities to implement climate change mitigation;
    • Improve understanding of the role of the public sector in influencing change in the wider society and economic system.

    How Can GEP Environmental help you?

    As a specialist low carbon consultancy, we have a detailed understanding of these guidelines developed through extensive practical experience in supporting organisations to implement these requirements; in particular specific requirements regarding the operational and organisation scope public bodies must report on. GEP is currently working with several public sector body clients within Wales to support them with their reporting requirements.

    The reporting deadline for each public sector organisation’s 2020/2021 GHG emissions baseline is the 31st October 2021. If you require support to meet the new net zero carbon reporting guidelines by this date, please get in touch. We offer fully tailored support packages based upon specific individual requirement, allowing you to get the most benefit from our support as well as meeting your reporting obligations.

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