Carbon Footprinting and Reporting (IEMA Certified Training Course)

Carbon Footprinting and Reporting (IEMA Certified Course)

GEP Environmental is delighted to announce our new Carbon Footprinting and Reporting Course! Taking its lead from our former Carbon Management course, this new and improved one-day Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) certified course provides delegates with the tools and information needed for measuring, managing and reporting an organisation’s Carbon Footprint. The new course incorporates delegate feedback, spending more time diving into detailed Carbon Footprinting methodology, Scope 3 Emissions reporting and more.

Who should attend the Carbon Footprinting and Reporting Course?

This course is designed for anyone needing to understand energy and carbon management at an intermediate level, including Energy Managers, Facilities Managers, Environment Managers and Environmental Representatives. This course is perfect for those responsible for measuring and managing the carbon footprinting requirements of your organisation – it focuses on finding results, and how to report those results once found for maximum impact.

Course Objectives:

The course objectives are to achieve an understanding of:

  • Climate change and greenhouse gases;
  • Monitoring, measuring and reducing carbon emissions;
  • Carbon management measures including carbon footprinting, carbon trading, carbon offsetting and more;
  • Developing and managing carbon accounting systems.

What will you learn?

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the essential mechanisms behind Climate Change, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and the risks and opportunities associated with Climate Change;
  • Explain the global frameworks for addressing climate change, the implication of UK policy for organisations, and the importance of stakeholder and supply chain engagement in creating and influencing sustainability activities;
  • Understand how to develop and manage a carbon reporting system and carbon quantification strategy;
  • Practice undertaking a carbon footprint for Scopes 1, 2 and 3, and discuss methods for measuring and managing Scope 3 emissions;
  • Identify methods of communication to ensure stakeholder support;
  • Explain the relevance of carbon footprint in the context of reduction and removals strategies working toward Net Zero

How will you benefit?

This course will equip individuals at all levels with the knowledge required to calculate a carbon footprint for their organisation. This course, an update of our popular Carbon Management Course, focuses on the practicalities of emission reduction in a changing environment – spending time diving into detailed Carbon Footprint and analysis, Scope 3 Emission identification and adjustments and more. This course also focuses on routes to reporting Carbon Footprint within a wider business, ensuring employee and stakeholder engagement whilst driving results.

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"Thank you so much for a great course that really enriched my understanding of GHG reporting and climate change overall, this course covered all the bases and provided a really holistic understanding. This course has filled the gaps in my knowledge, and I feel much more confident going back to my company and measuring our carbon footprint! "

Elspeth Simpson, Ooni

"Great course content, provided all what was needed to understand how to create a carbon foot print and what it means."

Mike Piela, Eu-matic

"The Carbon Management course was both informative and engaging. I felt that the content was well balanced and it was useful to have practical exercises at the end of each module. It was a well-rounded and enjoyable course!"

Catherine Hodgson, Taylor & Francis Group

"The Carbon footprint training provided by GEP Environmental was excellent. A well constructued course with engaging exercises."

Helena Simmonds, WMG, University of Warwick

"I came onto the course wanting to learn to support others within the Business. I found the trainer very knowledgeable and answered all questions very well and promptly which gives confidence to those that are learning. I would strongly recommend GEP to others."

Wayne Wilson, Colbree Precision Ltd

"Excellent course, knowledgeable tutor in Flo who provided clear answers to any questions posed. Good pace to the course. Highly recommend to those that are involved or interested in the subject of carbon management."

Darren Morrow, Blackmores UK

"The IEMA Certified Carbon Management Course, provided by GEP was very interesting and educational. The trainer had expert knowledge and knew how to present the information in an interactive and interesting way."

Dennis Vos

"Delivery of course and material were great.Very interesting course. Very good at explaining the legislation around GHG and carbon reporting.Good course, great interaction with the trainer and other delegates."

Carbon Management delegates

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