Emphasis3 CO2 Reductions Project

EMphasis3 CO2 Reductions Project

EMphasis3 CO2 Reductions (EMphasis3) is a European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funded SME support project being led by the University of Portsmouth, the University of Winchester and the cleantech cluster, Greentech South. The project aims to support a move towards zero carbon economy by offering free of charge audits and grants funded at 36%. The three year project will encourage SMEs to implement energy efficiency savings, especially through renewable energy use, and undertake research and innovation in low carbon technologies.

GEP Environmental’s Role

As a leading energy and environmental consult GEP Environmental are undertaking free of charge Energy Efficiency Audits to highlight cost savings to SME’s throughout the Enterprise M3 LEP region and contribute to its drive towards a low carbon economy.

Through this ERDF project, SMEs can access:

  • Free energy efficiency audits
  • Energy efficiency grants, funded at 36%
  • Free innovation audits
  • Research and innovation grants, funded at 36%
  • Support in bidding for Innovate UK and other clean growth fund

Overview and Target

  • A 2,000 tonne reduction in CO2 emissions
  • A greater number of low carbon innovations being progressed to commercialisation
  • Increased collaboration in the M3 LEP region and beyond

How to get involved…

Join up for free at GreentechSouth.com and submit the Expression of Interest Form, or request a signup form by emailing emphasis@port.ac.uk.

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